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European brides: the pros and cons for foreign men

Eastern European brides are one of the most eligible women nowadays. Men from Western Europe, the United States, and even Australia come to Eastern Europe to find one of those brides for family. Of course, Eastern European ladies are very attractive and have all  traits all men admire and look for.

However, their culture and attitude towards a relationship are a bit different from yours and when dating them, you might face a couple of challenges. European brides are not for each western man and below, you will find a lot of information about them.

Check all the pros and cons and find out whether you should opt for European brides for marriage. Who knows, you might change your mind and get back to western ladies. Read carefully, weigh all the advantages and drawbacks to decide.

Who are Eastern European brides?

Females from Eastern Europe are a bit different from those in Western Europe or the United States. The most popular Eastern European brides come from Ukraine. These ladies want to marry foreign men and join various dating sites.

Ukrainian women are very popular among western men because of many qualities. They are smart, beautiful, and very caring. This attracts guys a lot. However, this is not all that you must know about hot European brides.

Below, you will find all benefits of dating Eastern European ladies as well as the disadvantages of relationships with them. You should decide for yourself whether you are ready to handle such a lady or not.

European brides are very hot and well-cared

hot european brides

You cannot deny the fact that all females in Eastern Europe are gorgeous. First of all, they have wonderful genes inherited from their mothers and grandmothers. Their exceptional femininity is amazing. You will hardly meet a masculine-looking lady in Eastern Europe.

Thanks to their unique ability to take good care of themselves, they always look stunning. Such a woman is an object of envy of other men and women. You will always go out with an amazing lady wearing stylish makeup and clothes. Their hair is always well-groomed and they wear manicures and pedicures.

You will never meet a carelessly-dressed woman among Eastern European brides. Even when your wife is at home, she always looks great. This is what distinguishes them from women in other countries.

They are very intelligent, hardworking, and educated

Western guys prefer not only stunning but smart ladies. This is what you will notice about Eastern European brides. Modern women from this part of Europe tend to get a good education before starting a family, unlike many years ago. They want to reach some goals and become self-established before starting a family.

Their intelligence is reflected in each sphere of their life. Thanks to having one or even more degrees, Eastern European brides make wonderful interlocutors. They can keep a man interested thanks to their brains. This feature excites a lot of gentlemen and they find these ladies extremely interesting and outstanding. You will never be bored with your wife because she can maintain any topic.

Great housewives and mothers

Each European bride is taught to be a wonderful hostess and housewife. They learn it from their childhood. There is a wrong belief in society that a woman can be either a wife, mother, and housewife or a good professional and business lady. This is never true with girls from Eastern European countries because they successfully combine all their roles.

They can have a wonderful education and several degrees, have a very successful career, and even run their businesses, and be the best and most loving wives and mothers. If you are a husband of one of the most beautiful women in the world, you are never hungry because she takes care of feeding you well, always neat, ironed, and tidy because she takes care of it, and always loved and supported by your best partner.

The same concerns children. They pick the best products for their nutrition, cook themselves, and grow them in love and respect. Your children are always well-cared and your house is always cozy.

Eastern European brides are very respectful and supportive

One of the best features of European girls is that they respect and support their men no matter what. Of course, it concerns their husbands. In the process of dating, to have such an attitude from your woman, you should deserve her respect. They are very respectful when you prove your good attitude and that you really need her.

European brides support their husbands in any situation. Even if they know you are doing something wrong, they are always by your side supporting you and respecting your decisions. Such a wife is a dream for any husband. However, regardless of their amazing beauty and family values, there are a couple of downsides of a relationship with Eastern European brides. They are as follows.

They are not easy to approach

Women from Eastern Europe are well-known for their requirements towards men. If you believe you can just come to one of those countries and take a wonderful hot European bride home, you are wrong, it is hard work and they don’t give up that easy.

Approaching a woman from Eastern Europe means being ready to impress her, prove your intentions, and surprise her every day. They don’t believe in empty promises but actions only. For example, if you are really interested, you should send her flowers for the occasion and without it. Each date is accompanied by flowers. They aren’t even considered a  gift in their culture but just a necessary sign of attention.

If a woman is quite successful and reaches some good results in her career, can provide for herself well, and afford some things, she will never lower her expectations and wants to find a man who can, at least, give her the same. If you say it is too expensive to have a vacation at least once a year while she affords it, you have no chances.

You must always prove your good attitude and serious intentions because these women are too skeptical about men, especially after having experienced some not very successful relationships. It is crucial to prove that you need her and are able to ensure the life she deserves. If she is successful enough and can afford many things, she doesn’t need a man who cannot give it.

There might be language and cultural barriers

european brides for marriage

Not all hot Eastern European brides speak English or other foreign languages. It might be an obstacle to your communication. Even if she speaks good English, there are some cultural differences that might sometimes frustrate you. They will always be present in your relationship until she moves to your country and adjusts to it. Until then, you will experience various problems from time to time.

This is not the biggest problem for your relationship though, and if you help her learn your language and adjust to your culture, then you will overcome this challenge very soon. Help her to attend language courses so she could learn your language sooner.

Get ready for a relationship on distance

When you meet your Eastern European bride, everything is great and you both are happy. When everything becomes more serious between you, you both must decide on something and move in together. It will take some time because she cannot leave her home and everything she has at once. She won’t receive a visa to your country so soon also.

Get ready to travel from time to time to her country or meet somewhere closer for you both. You will have to call each other, talk on the phone and messengers, send photos and videos, and meet from time to time. Not everyone can handle the long distance, and many relationships are ruined because of that. If you are serious about your bride and really love her, you will overcome this problem and sooner or later, you will finally live together in your country.


After getting married to your bride from Eastern Europe and taking her to your country, you might face the problem of homesickness. During your first year of life, everything will be great and you both will enjoy each other. However, later, she will start feeling bad and it doesn’t even depend on her origin or country. All people who change their country of living feel this way.

She might be crying, asking you to go and visit her family, and even ask you to send her back home. Don’t worry or get frustrated with it. It is normal for everyone leaving his life, family, and country. Instead of being nervous, you’d better make her life easier and make her feel at home.

If you are at work all the time while your wife is waiting for you alone at home, you should find some hobbies for her, find some friends. It would be better if you have someone from her country living in your area. Do everything for her to communicate with her family often.

These were the pros and cons of dating and marrying Eastern European brides. If you are not scared of challenges, then try your luck and get the best woman ever!

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