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What American brides want in 2021

Not each American man can consider American brides for marriage. More and more guys tend to pick their women in other parts of the globe while so many European guys come to the United States exactly because they prefer American women. They find them fascinating, free, and very open.

American women never become mail order brides; however, Latin American girls do. If you have been trying your luck so hard with females from the United States but failed and now don’t see your future with them, check this post and see what you might have missed.

Learn about all the pros and cons of American brides, find out what they want nowadays, and how to approach them. If so many men all over the world admire them, there might be something you don’t know about these girls yet. Find it out right now.

American brides VS European women

american brides for marriage

European ladies are different. You know that ladies in different parts of Europe have their peculiarities and personality traits. You cannot compare British and German women, as well as Ukrainian and Slovenian girls, for example. All of them are different.

American brides are different from all of them because of living far away from the rest of the world and having their own culture that is not similar to any other country. If you wonder about their appearance, beautiful women are everywhere. You can find stunning ladies in Europe, Russia, Asia, and, undoubtedly, in the United States.

One of the most distinguishing features that make girls in America differ from others is that they prefer dating white men only. Thus, an American woman will never date an immigrant from India or Pakistan, for example, while women in other countries happily do that. They are very conservative about it and date only those guys they consider worthy of their attention.

Unlike European women, American ladies are very open about everything

This is what exactly attracts foreigners in American brides. These girls are the most open in the whole world. They never hide anything from guys because they want to get what they want. British girls are much more conservative in their views while in the case of Slavic women, you must have great intuition and guess their needs and wishes all the time.

An American woman facilitates the life of each man a lot. She tells you directly right in your face what she wants or what she doesn’t like. Maybe that’s why American men are scared of them and pick girls from other countries. It’s all about their culture. An American woman doesn’t waste time. If she wants you to kiss her, you will hear this.

If she wants something more, she will also tell you. While some guys are scared of such openness, others are captivated by it and don’t want anyone but American girls. This is so much easier to deal with a woman when she knows what she wants and is so open to tell you about it.

American brides are a lot of fun

Of course,some women can have fun everywhere, but American girls know what it means to enjoy their life. They are not that serious when it comes to dating. For example, women in Europe are more conservative and even young girls seem to be very serious about their life, careers, and relationships. They sometimes seem too occupied and concerned about these things that they forget about enjoying every single moment.

American girls never forget about that. They know how not to get bored and they will never let you get bored with them. This might not be a perfect feature for married life but for dating, it is what most guys need. Of course, they become more serious when it comes to marriage but still know how to enjoy life and this is what many women really lack.

They don’t mind sharing the bills

It’s not a secret for you that women in America are quite independent and they protect their right to be like this. They don’t want to depend on men like women in many other countries. If you consider South American brides, everything is vice versa, they are very traditional in their views on relationships and marriage and they don’t mind sitting at home and raising kids while their husbands earn money.

This way of life isn’t proper for most American ladies. You know that in most Slavic and European countries, women don’t share the bills and it’s you who pays all dating bills, her taxis, cinema or theatre tickets, and many other things. American females can share them and sometimes even pay themselves. It’s all because of equality, they don’t want to be somehow dependent on their men and prefer going this way.

It doesn’t mean you won’t pay for her needs or dates when you are in a close relationship. You will, of course. However, at the stage when you are just getting to know each other, you can be sure you don’t need so many expenses.

South American brides are more traditional

south american brides

You might have traveled to South America and saw how people live there and what their customs and traditions are. Those beautiful South American brides are in high demand among foreign men and there are good reasons for it. Women in this part of the world are not only very beautiful but also very traditional.

They have very strong family values, they want to take care of their husbands, have children, and get married the soonest for that purpose. This tradition hasn’t changed for many years and men from all over the world keep marrying Latin American women exactly for their family values and traditional attitude to relationships and marriage.

Lots of men also prefer their body types. Girls in Latin America have curvy bodies and they are considered extremely hot and attractive by many men. If you love slender girls though, you will need to search elsewhere because in South America, women are famous for their shapes. Moreover, they are amazing dancers, and this is what makes them even more special and attractive.

Even though South American brides are so traditional, you won’t get bored with them. Have you seen their festivals? This is just a collection of positive emotions and energy. They dance, sing, play musical instruments, and it seems like their whole life is an endless holiday. They know how to enjoy things and every single day without big money, this feature is very valuable for men in different countries.

How to approach American brides

Some guys complain that American women are too difficult to approach and impossible to please. If you travel to other countries and try dating girls there, you will see that they are not easy to approach everywhere. Modern women are not like those decades ago, and they become more demanding. After being disappointed in men and previous relationships, they become pickier and more selective.

Men have the same story. You don’t choose the very first woman for marriage, do you? You pick the most suitable one. When you don’t like some qualities or personality traits, you keep looking for others and don’t accept what you don’t really like. Is it fair to call you difficult to approach?

Thus, here is what American brides need and want from men, learn it carefully and see whether you can comply with their needs and requirements.

American women = high maintenance?

beautiful south american brides

Many men complain that American brides are high maintenance. It is true but to some extent only. Yes, girls in America want to date guys who have money. However, they are pretty successful themselves, so they are not going to use your money for a living. There is something more here.

American girls don’t want to date losers, which is understandable. They pursue men who have jobs and can be independent. Thus, if you are unemployed and still have no idea what you want to do for a living, an American bride is not for you. However, any bride is not for you.

Modern women all over the world know what they want and they need a steady and stable man to rely upon. If you don’t earn enough and cannot provide even for yourself, then how can you protect and provide for your woman? You can call it high demands and high maintenance, but this is just common sense.

Lots of foreigners don’t consider American brides high-maintenance and they can give them what they need. After all, if a woman can afford certain things herself, why would she need a man who cannot afford the same for her? No matter where you go, women want the same things and you can call it whatever you wish.

Don’t be afraid of picking American brides

Many guys avoid and complain about women in America saying they don’t respect men and are too demanding. Such guys are simply not ready to comply with such women. It is much easier to call someone demanding instead of working on himself and reaching new levels.

Remember that women need men who can self-develop and grow. Otherwise, those are not men but boys. Mature ladies don’t need boys no matter where they live. 

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