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4 reasons to fail with hot brides

Hot brides are quite a duplicate notion. Most men dream of having a hot bride but what do you understand under this word? A beautiful, stunning, and sexy woman? Of course, but when you pick a woman for life and family, there must be something more than just a nice cover.

Not all hot women make perfect brides while not all brides can be hot. You should first realize what you want to get and then start your search. If you are not very lucky in search of your bride and keep failing, the post below will help you understand what modern hot brides want, how to meet hot Russian brides, and take them to your home.

Why you fail with hot Ukrainian brides

If you ever tried online dating and tried to pursue women from other countries, for example, Russia or Ukraine and failed, you may know it is not easy to approach them. Although this is just a myth and in fact, these women aren’t as complicated as you may think, you may definitely face some difficulties and challenges.

However, this happens not because you are a bad man or because they are too demanding and picky. Culture plays its dirty jokes with you both. The truth is dating culture in the western world and that in Slavic countries differs a bit. You act as you used to do with women in your country while hot Russian brides want you to meet their expectations. Both fail because no one complies with the requirements of each other.

Don’t hurry to despair though. Everything is not as bad as you may think and you still can catch up with their expectations. Check the information below and find the most helpful tips on dating hot Ukrainian brides. It will hopefully help you understand their needs and desires much better than you do now.

1. Hot women want hot men

hot russian brides search

Let’s be honest. You saw a dating site full of wonderful profiles of women and you want them all badly. It’s no wonder because all of those Russian and Ukrainian brides are extremely hot and can please the eyes of any man. Of course, they are gorgeously looking and you find them really attractive.

Now, look at yourself. Do you look the same? Are you that young, good-looking, and fit? If not, then think well now who do you want to attract? Yes, they might answer your messages and even communicate with you for a while. Someone will even meet you in person for the first date. However, none of them will start a relationship with you.

If you want to fail, you may keep doing what you did before and nothing will change. If you want to succeed though, it’s time to change something. The first thing you must do is to evaluate yourself. Honesty is a must! Look in the mirror, what do you see there? Do you see a gorgeous man any hot bride could be proud to be with?

If the answer is yes, the problem isn’t in your look and we will talk about it later. If the answer is no though, it’s time to change it. If your hair is messy, you are unshaved and dress up like your grandpa, do something with that right now. Moreover, if you are overweight and have some beer belly, go to the gym and start a diet! Do you believe a hot bride must love you for who you are? Yes, definitely, but no one canceled initial chemistry, and if she doesn’t like how you look, she will hardly want to get to know you.

Realize that:

  • hot brides want to have hot grooms by their sides;
  •  a slender woman with a beautiful face and body must enjoy her man in return;
  • if you want a hot bride — start being hot yourself, otherwise, even your big assets won’t save the situation.

2. What’s with your communication skills?

Now if you looked in the mirror and saw a relatively young, stylish, and fit man and can be sure your appearance has nothing to do with your failures, look for the reasons deeper. Women need communication, and your personality is being discovered exactly by means of communication. Hot brides aren’t easy to approach if you don’t know how to talk to them.

If you are too shy, it is difficult for you to start and lead a conversation. Women need a leader in relationships and they are looking for him. When a man cannot feel confident when talking to a woman, he will not raise her interest. Why do you think alpha males are so successful? They are just confident and nothing more.

Don’t talk too much though not to be considered a chatterbox. Find the golden mean and stick to it. The way you communicate affects your success a lot. Women don’t only love wealthy men but also those who can be interesting interlocutors, intelligent, smart, and very confident. If you lack self-confidence, you should start working on it immediately.

Watch some alpha-males videos onYouTube, find some good conversation starters. If you have some friends who are successful with women, ask for a couple of lessons. Do whatever you wish but improve your communication skills and self-confidence. This is what attracts women, and if you are just silent, nothing will work out.

If you started your hot Russian brides search recently and communicated with women online, these skills are as necessary as ever before. Remember that Slavic women don’t like being overwhelmed with messages and letters, so keep your long-reads for other girls. They prefer live communication and video calls to get to know you as well as possible.

If you are silent on a video call and she is leading the whole conversation while you just answer her questions, this is not a healthy dialogue. She will lose her interest very soon. Be active, ask her questions, and remember that a dialogue is when two people are talking and asking questions. When just one of you is talking, it is a monologue. If you keep talking all the time without letting her insert a single word, this won’t work either. Healthy dialogue and nothing else will help you conquer your hot bride!

3. Are you greedy? Forget about hot brides

hot ukrainian brides

No, not all hot women love and want your money. However, all girls love gifts. It doesn’t mean you must offer expensive jewelry or designer clothing to each woman you meet. However, signs of attention are a must. Let’s get back to hot Ukrainian brides. In their culture, flowers aren’t even considered gifts, they are just an expression of attention.

Offering flowers to your woman (even if she isn’t your girlfriend and you just communicate and get to know each other) is a must! Don’t wait for her birthday or special occasion. Send her some flowers without any reason just to show your attention and that she matters to you.

One of the most frequent mistakes of western guys on dating sites is to promise everything to their women without maintaining it with the related actions.  For example, if you say «I will treat you like a princess when we are together and will do everything for you,» don’t expect a woman to believe it. You must not say this but support it with actions.

Don’t tell her but show that you will treat her like a princess but start doing it right now, even if you are only communicating on a dating site. Send her a bunch of flowers or some chocolates for no occasion. If she has caught a cold, send her a warm message wishing well and don’t forget about flowers. Make sure to find out what her favorite ones are.

Such small things make a woman happy, and any hot bride will change her attitude toward you very much if you keep doing it. If you keep telling her online delivery is too expensive and that you will bring her many gifts when coming to visit her, it will not work out as well. It shows you are too greedy, and hot ladies don’t want to deal with any greedy men. They are looking for generous partners.

4. Looking for a young woman in your golden age?

The last but not least reason for failing with hot Russian brides. How many women willing to date men of their dads’ age have you met in your country? Not many probably. So why do you suppose hot Russian or Ukrainian brides are eager to date much older men?

Let’s be realistic. If you want a really hot and young girl to date you when being 20-30 years older than you, you must not just be extremely wealthy but show this to her every day by offering expensive gifts, cars, and paying all her expenses. Unfortunately, miracles don’t happen and young girls don’t fall in love with much older men just because of their wonderful personalities.

Young men and young bodies are what young girls want to see by their sides. If you are not rich and cannot afford luxury gifts, then why would a young and hot bride be yours? Remain realistic no matter what you do and then your hot Russian bride search will be successful also!

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