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The whole truth about Russian brides

Russian brides are quite popular nowadays. The topic of dating hot Russian brides is one of the most widely discussed, yet very controversial on the modern scene. Many men are happy with their hot Russian wives they took to their countries. However, multiple men still return home with nothing after their long and exhausting hot Russian brides search.

There is a question then whether Russian brides are real or not. Why are some men so lucky while others are absolutely desperate? Are they looking for different beautiful Russian brides? In the post below, we will try to make it clear for everyone in search of happiness with Russian order brides.

Why are sexy Russian brides looking for foreign men?

There is a belief in the western world that all women from Russia want to escape their country and for that reason, are ready to marry any foreigner they meet. In other words, they are eager to marry you to get a Green Card and leave their terrible country. If you also think it’s true, you should forget everything you have ever heard about Russian brides and start learning from the very beginning.

First of all, the times of the iron curtain are long gone, and these women can travel whenever and wherever they wish. There is no big problem in getting a visa even to the United States nowadays. They go there for studying, working, and living as well. A marriage with a foreigner for that purpose is just a myth.

Secondly, according to statistics, only 15% of Russian brides want to consider a marriage with foreigners. A lion’s share of women in Russia prefers marrying their local men. Those 15% are not satisfied with men in their country and do not mind dating and creating families with someone from another country.

Unfortunately for Russian brides but fortunately for western men, there are much more women than men in Russia, so not each local woman will be lucky to marry a man from Russia. This is the main reason for these brides to marry foreigners, they simply have no choice because there are not so many men in their own country, especially for women in their middle or golden years.

Russian brides cost

hot russian brides

Dating a woman from another country is always more expensive than someone in your country. The cost of dating your Russian bride depends on many factors. If you pick a dating site to meet Russian order brides, get ready to pay some money. Different websites take different fees.

The cost will depend on what kind of service you choose. If it is a matchmaking agency, then your acquaintance with Russian brides will cost you many thousands of dollars. If you choose a more or less reputable dating site, then it will cost less than matchmaking, of course. Many good services offer quite affordable costs for their services.

Apart from online dating, you should realize that your expenses continue until your woman comes to your country eventually. You need to pay for your trip, plane tickets, dates, a visa for your woman, her expenses for coming to your country, an immigration lawyer, and many other things like that. No one knows how much you will spend because it also depends on your location. Coming to the United States will be more expensive and complicated than to European countries, for example.

Why are Russian brides so hot?

Russian women are considered extremely hot and sexy by western men. However, many of them do not possess any extraordinary or outstanding appearance but vice versa. Lots of Russian brides look quite casual and are not distinguished by some unbelievable beauty.

What is their secret then? How can they look casual and at the same time, so extremely beautiful to people all over the world? There is no special secret in it, and the roots go far to their national history. For example, when the inquisition burned the most beautiful women in Europe thinking they were witches, it didn’t happen in Russia and pretty girls never suffered and kept giving birth to their children.

Moreover, Russian culture influenced the looks and appearance of Russian brides. Everything is not in their genes but in the way they perceive the role of a woman in society. Below, you will find out what exactly makes brides from Russia look so amazing and impress men and make women all over the world envious.

Russian brides prefer femininity over feminism

A woman must look feminine even if she is quite independent. This is the rule of Russian culture. Even though there are quite different ladies nowadays in this country, not all of them look like models, wear high heels and dresses, or have long hair, they still look pretty feminine.

The truth is brides from Russia prefer makeup and good manicure, they take good care of their faces, hair, and skin. They try to dress up stylishly and follow all the latest trends in the fashion industry. Even if a woman doesn’t earn that much, she will always afford to spend a lion’s share of her salary on herself to look her best.

Being feminine is something they inherited from their mothers and grandmothers. You can look at the most popular female Russian athletes. Even though they are quite strong and always wear sporty outfits, they are always well-cared and extremely feminine. This is their biggest distinguishing feature that makes them stand out of the world’s crowd.

Russian brides care to impress men

Unlike many western women, brides in Russia care about how they look and will never leave their home without looking gorgeous. They never go shopping in their pajamas or having messy hair. A distinguishing feature of all Russian brides is their wish to impress everyone around them.

Thus, a Russian bride always wears makeup, tidy and neat clothes, has a good haircut, etc. She knows that once she goes out, she must look attractive to everyone, otherwise, she will lose her dignity. This is what makes Russian brides look different from women all over the world and makes you think that they are extremely hot and beautiful. They are just real ladies and know how to present themselves. A real lady should always look awesome.

The challenges of dating Russian mail order brides

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Yes, many guys are willing to date and marry beautiful Russian brides. It is a great way of having the best wife ever. However, like in any other relationship, a marriage with a bride from Russia is connected with a range of difficulties and challenges.

You must be aware of them before starting to look for your Russian lady. Not all people are ready for overcoming those challenges and facing them, actually. If you want to be fully prepared for your search, check the information below, weigh all the pros and cons, and only then make such an important decision of looking for a Russian bride.

Language barrier

One of the biggest challenges western men face is the language barrier. Not all Russian women speak English or other foreign languages. When you and your future woman do not speak common languages, various problems may arise. However, you should not despair at once.

Russian mail order brides services do provide translation services for your communication and even for meetings, so it won’t be a problem for you to communicate at that stage. However, sooner or later, you must communicate on your own and one of you will have to learn the language of another one. Most likely, your bride will need to learn English or the language of your country if you are not from the United States.

A language barrier is not very pleasant, but it is not the worst thing you can face. If you both are patient enough, it is very easy to overcome it.

Cultural differences

Another challenge you both will definitely come across is a cultural barrier. It’s not a secret you both come from different countries and western culture differs from that in Slavic countries. Very often, some misunderstandings arise because both people don’t speak the same languages and don’t really understand each other’s cultural peculiarities.

Once again, you need patience and nothing else. It would be good to learn at least the basics of each other’s cultures and find out what is accepted in her culture and what’s not. For example, in Slavic culture, offering flowers and small gifts to a woman is a must. You should also pay the dating bills.

Very often, if you are not aware of that, you can consider a woman must share the dating bills or pay for her taxi. In this case, your Russian bride will just consider you to be a cheapskate and nothing will work out. Thus, devote some time to study the culture of your potential bride and make her acquainted with yours. With time, you both will learn everything and get used to these differences and will learn to understand them already.

Long distance

A long-distant relationship is something you must be ready for when picking a Russian bride. Of course, if you meet a woman in your country, you will not have this problem. However, if you meet each other online, then meeting each other will take some time.

You should be prepared for a long-distance relationship because it takes time to meet each other, prepare the documents, and take your woman to your country. At first, you will be traveling to see each other in different countries and places, which irritates a lot.

You should follow the same tip in that case and simply be more patient. Sooner or later, you and your bride will be together in your country and no distance will bother you anymore. Just overcome it together and everything will be ok.


Unfortunately, when it comes to Russian brides, we cannot avoid the topic of scams. No, it doesn’t mean you must be afraid of scammers and for that reason, not choose a Russian woman as your bride. However, you should be aware that scams happen, but if you are cautious and attentive enough, you can easily solve that problem.

You should always be attentive to details and the behavior of your potential bride. If she doesn’t want to have a video call, ask yourself why. She might be married, live with her boyfriend, or simply be not the person you see in her profile! Don’t believe that a woman cannot find at least a couple of minutes to just turn her cam on and talk to you. After all, she must be also interested to see how you look.

Of course, Russian brides need generous men and cannot stand greedy guys. However, if a woman asks for money or gifts, it should concern you. A real lady doesn’t ask for anything, she knows she is worthy of your attention.  Remember that if you don’t want to be scammed, you never will!  Scammers abuse your trust only. Don’t trust unknown people and don’t send money to anyone you have never met yet. Only in this case, your experience with Russian brides will be successful.

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