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Your mail order brides guide 2021

Mail order brides sound like something extraordinary and not everyone can believe they are real. However, they are. The internet is full of Russian mail order brides as well as those from other countries. Many guys were happy to find their beloved women on one of such dating sites while others complain that Ukrainian mail order brides are nothing more than a scam.

Who should you believe and should you trust in Slavic mail order brides at all? Let’s try to find out this and much more in the post below. Understand whether these women are for you or it is better to avoid them by all means.

What  are mail order brides?

No, mail-order brides aren’t the girls you can order on the internet and who will be delivered to you like a simple internet order. Everything is much more complicated. They are just typical women from different countries, most likely, Slavic ones who join dating sites in search of foreign grooms.

Fortunately, they are fond of American gentlemen and happily date, marry, and move to the country of their foreign men. The process of dating such women is a bit complicated because you will need to go through the procedure of correspondence, video calls, and actual dates.

If you are an impatient person, real mail order brides might not be suitable for you because you will hardly meet yours within a few days or weeks. Since these women mostly come from Slavic countries, you will need to travel to see your lady or invite her to come to your country. As you can imagine, such things don’t happen suddenly and are pretty time-consuming. However, if you wonder whether mail order brides are real, the answer is definitely yes! These ladies are absolutely real and very interested in finding a man like you.

Are mail-order brides easy to approach?

are mail order brides real

Many men believe that mail order brides from Slavic countries are an easy catch unlike girls in other countries. However, once finding out that it is not exactly so, they believe these brides are too picky, spoiled, and demanding. Let us try to understand why you may think so.

Russian mail order brides are wonderful — beautiful, stunning, slender, sportive, smart — but naturally, they also have their requirements and expectations from men. Below, you will see what exactly they want and what the pros and cons of dating mail order brides are.

The benefits of choosing Ukrainian mail order brides

Even though you believe that choosing mail order brides from Slavic countries is quite a complicated process and you should not even try, it is not really so. Mail-order brides catalogue is a great way to meet wonderful women and see every single lady in your age group who might be interested in you.

Such a way of meeting girls is one of the best ones and you should not underestimate it. You don’t even imagine how many new opportunities these sites offer you, so check them right now.

All beautiful single women are gathered in one place

Once you join a dating site and open a mail order brides catalogue, you access all single women who are interested in meeting foreign men. Just imagine — you don’t even need to go out and look for women while all of them are gathered in one place. You can also be sure that they are interested in western men and will happily communicate with you.

You can select the most suitable ladies by various criteria, such as age, profession, height; weight, hair color, religion, country, city, knowledge of languages, etc. It is very convenient for everyone and you save a lot of time.

It is much easier to get to know a woman

When you join a dating site to search for mail order brides from Ukraine, for example, you save a lot of time for getting to know them. Why? When you meet women in real life, you spend a significant amount of your precious time finding out information about her on each date.

On a dating site, you can see information about each woman in her profile. This way, you decide whether you want to get to know her or not. Before you meet your woman in person, you spend a lot of time getting to know her. By the time of your first real date, you both know each other and skip the step of having a date with someone unknown. This is wonderful and saves a lot of your time and eliminates all not very suitable ladies for you.

All mail order brides want to marry foreigners

One of the greatest things about mail order brides is that they want to find foreign men for dating and marriage. For example, if you come to Ukraine or Russia and start communicating with some local girls, you may be easily rejected while not all girls prefer foreign men.

When a girl registers on the site, she clearly knows what she wants and why she is doing it. Yes, some of them might be looking for better lives while others want to marry and escape from their country but all of them want to marry western men. Most of them are not satisfied with local men and simply want to try luck with someone from abroad.

You get a wonderful wife

All mail order brides from Slavic countries are great ladies who will be perfect wives and mothers. You will undoubtedly be happy to find such a woman. She will be caring, loving, and definitely loyal. All Slavic girls are very devoted to their husbands and you will be genuinely happy with what you get.

They also make perfect mothers and you can be really proud of such a wife. Your children will always be well-cared and fed, none of you will ever be hungry, and your home will also be clean and very cozy.

Don’t think that you acquire a housewife though. Slavic women prefer to work and have good careers. At the same time, they aren’t career- but family-oriented. These girls have unique skills in combining their families and careers. Such a woman can be an object of pride for any man and you will be surely happy with what you get.

The disadvantages of mail-order brides

best mail order brides

The benefits of searching for such women are nearly endless, however, there are some shortcomings as well. You must be aware of them before making a decision of dating your mail order bride.

It is not always easy for men to handle such a relationship and you may face some obstacles that you feel impossible to overcome and just prefer to give up. You shouldn’t do it though because they are just small challenges to fight.

Different cultures and languages

The best mail order brides are usually foreign girls and you will hardly meet a woman from your country. It means that your future bride or potential girlfriend comes from a slightly different world. She might have her own vision of a relationship or marriage, her attitude towards men may be different from that in your country.

Customs, traditions, and languages are also different. Some cultural things might seem not understandable to you as well as she may not understand many things about your culture. You might even speak different languages and it can be great trouble.

However, these issues are not the worst things people face in their relationship and they can be easily overcome. If you are patient enough and willing to learn and understand her culture, then you will have no problem with coping with these issues.

Time and distance

If you choose Ukrainian mail order brides and want to build a relationship with one of them, you will surely face a long distance. Moreover, the process is quite time-consuming because you will not be able to go on a date with her whenever you wish. You will only be able to communicate online and on video calls for a while.

To come to Ukraine or invite her to your country, you will spend some time. Such decisions aren’t made within a day or two. It means that a long-distance relationship is something you both will have to endure. If you really cherish and value each other, it should not be the biggest obstacle and sooner or later, you will overcome it.

It is costly

Mail-order brides sites are not free and as a rule, you need to pay for your membership and communication on the site. It is understandable because many people and even translators are involved in the process, and if you want to get high-quality services and good results, you should purchase those services. Nothing good can be free.

However, dating is always a costly process and you usually pay for your dates, gifts, flowers, taxis, etc. Your acquaintance with a mail order bride isn’t too different. The only difference is that you don’t pay for actual dates but your communication on the site.

If such small shortcomings don’t scare you off and you are ready to find the best woman in your life, go ahead and do it!

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