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Though many people think that the very notion of happiness is rather vague and even laugh at alike “romantic nonsense,” we all get tired of loneliness. Just imagine coming to a house where nobody is waiting for you. How does it feel? Of course, you may say that loneliness gives freedom, but in the long run, freedom presupposes the absence of responsibility.

However, with the course of time, every mature person wants to settle down with a decent partner and start a family. How can you do that with the least effort from your side? Thanks to online dating, you have such a possibility. Just make sure your Internet connection is stable and your device supporting it functions properly, and that’s it. Chat with thousands beautiful women not leaving your cozy apartment!

Why is cyber dating preferable?

Perhaps, you already know what advantages cyber dating offers if you have tried it, but if you are a newbie wondering why choose cyber dating instead of getting acquainted traditionally, read the following points very carefully:

  • you can choose from a variety of members coming from abroad;
  • there are absolutely no limits as for age, financial status, occupation, and so on;
  • it’s great if you like traveling and discovering new cultures;
  • it saves your time and money;
  • communicate as long as you want before meeting in person.

How do I date on this site?

Myspecial dates online

We are glad to tell you that joining Myspecialdates is very simple even for not tech-savvy individuals. We find this especially convenient since everyone can use the service, be it a senior single or an inexperienced cyber dater. To join the site, you don’t have to waste much time or money. Registration is absolutely free and to sign in, you have to indicate the following: your date of birth, name, email, who you want to find, and create a good password.

As you see, everything is easy. Once you have typed in this info, accept the site’s Terms and Conditions. Now you can start looking for your matches! Actually, you need only to mention the parameters of your preferable interlocutors, and the site’s searching tools will instantly provide you with potential matches. Let’s consider the search system more precisely.

Looking for my match

To make your search as quick and convenient as possible, the site suggests quick and detailed filters.  Quick filters imply that your search will be based on one of such parameters as age, ID, or online/offline status. If you apply detailed filters, it means you choose from such characteristics as a girl’s appearance, age, weight, hobbies, education, occupation, marital status, presence of children if any, religion, social habits, etc.

You may start wondering why mention all those qualities. Well, this feature is designed to create the most complete image of your perfect woman. The more similar your match is, the higher are the chances to find a mutual language and engage in a long-lasting relationship with your beautiful lady. Also, we highly recommend that you carefully look through the section where the woman describes herself and the man she wants to meet.

What women will I be communicating with?

My special dates

Women registered with come from Slavic countries (mainly from Russia and Ukraine). Do you know what it means? Right you are, your interlocutors will be very beautiful, smart, and caring. Probably, you know that Ukrainian and Russian ladies are the most desirable women ever; so if you are also dreaming of such a girlfriend or wife, you should definitely join the site. Look at other distinguishable features of Slavic beauties:

  • a generous heart and kind soul;
  • versatile interests and ability to combine work, household, and leisure;
  • faithfulness, devotion, care, and tenderness;
  • their sense of feminine dignity is highly developed.

Besides, you may have heard stories that Slavic women can’t dare leave their husbands and thus, they will tolerate any rude behavior. It’s partially true because family values are really sacred to these girls, but it doesn’t mean they accept rudeness and disrespect. Actually, that’s one of the main reasons why there are so many Ukrainian and Russian ladies on dating sites.

OK, but how can I know my matches aren’t scammers?

In the first place, remember that any reliable dating service cares about its reputation, and scammers don’t add any favorable scores to a site’s overall mark. For this reason, Myspecialdates Team always watches out for red flags connected with online scam and fraud. Secondly, not every woman can join the platform. To do that, she has to undergo a verification procedure, sign many documents, prove her intentions; moreover, an interview with a psychologist is also a must.

Thirdly, if you notice any signs of scam / fraud / suspicious behavior (for instance, a woman asks you to send her money or expensive gifts), you can instantly stop communicating with that member, add her to the blacklist, and inform the Support Team about the issue. However, always keep in mind that you have to act reasonably and remain cold-headed. Never let feelings dazzle your common sense. Be active, alert, and control how your communication process is evolving.

Is it a paid or free service?

Myspecialdates site is a partially paid platform. They function on the basis of the credit system, and good news is that upon registration, you get free credits. Then, after you verify your email address and finely complete your profile, you receive even more bonuses. Use them to see how the site functions and which services you can use to get in touch with your dream woman.

The main features you can enjoy for free include viewing an immense number of pictures, reading messages, watching amazing video shows (one per day), etc. To try other features, just use the bonus credits and see how far it goes! Also, to learn more about their pricing policy, read the Terms and Conditions section.  

Messages aren’t enough to reveal my feelings…

What about communication features of Myspecialdates? Here belong messages in an instant chat and letters. How do chat messages differ from letters? Simply put, you can write more in a letter, sharing something really important with your special woman. Take your time to communicate as long as you want and need because it will help you get to know more about your potential online crush and finally decide if you want to move on.

By the way, this fact perfectly explains why couples that have met online last for more time than those who have got acquainted conventionally. Online communication gives us time to learn more about our second half in a pace comfortable for both partners. Then, bear in mind that you can make your messages more vivid and expressive by using smileys, attaching various files and pictures, etc.

Also, why not surprise your special one with a sweet present chosen from their gift catalog? It’s a great idea because Slavic women love surprises very much and even more, they adore men of action. So, if you are really fond of your significant other, choose her a gift (and the supply is definitely varied), order a «Gift delivery» service and that’s it! After she gets your present, the site’s Team will send a picture of her with your gift. If a lady cannot receive your gift for some reasons, the credits you have spent on it will be returned to you.

Turn virtual dates in reality

Oh, and two more cool options! A member’s contact details and meeting request! What do these notions imply? It goes without saying that after some time of communicating with your adorable Slavic beauty, you both will want to move further and make your conversation more real. For this sake, you can submit a lady’s contact request. She will decide what data to share with you, either her email or phone number.

As for a meeting request, it means that you will arrive in a girl’s country of residence to meet her personally. If this is the case, the site’s team will help you to organize a memorable date so that you don’t need to worry about anything. You and your girl will meet in a public place, and there will be an interpreter present.  

Yet, if a lady declines both requests, don’t get upset. Just be patient and try to analyze whether your online crush has the reasons for trusting you. Perhaps, you haven’t been communicating a lot, and she cannot trust you or fears that your intentions may not be serious. Therefore, you need some patience and effort to make her trust your intentions and feelings.

The bottom line

There is a variety of dating platforms nowadays, but to succeed in your online search for love, you should choose an appropriate dating site. Picking, you get the maximum benefit: safety, security, a great pool of charming members, and extensive communication features with a possibility of meeting in real life. Myspecialdates doesn’t have an app yet, but there is a mobile version that will let you always keep in touch with women you like.

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