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Top reasons to date older Russian brides

Everyone has his own preferences of ages and appearances. Someone is attracted to younger girls while lots of men want to see older brides by their sides. Youth isn’t the main criteria and advantage of people. There is so much more to look for in a woman.

If you doubt whether older foreign brides are what you need and you have always thought they were not suitable for you, check this post and see why you should give it a try. Find out all the pros and cons of dating older Russian brides right now.

Older brides don’t cause any dramas

Young girls are often such a headache for men of all ages. They are too emotional and not very mature. Yes, their youth and energy are extremely attractive and they even charge men like those batteries. However, you have such a feeling in the beginning only.

Due to being not mature and guided by emotions, younger girls tend to cause many dramas and scandals. Older brides are not drama queens. They have overcome this period and simply don’t need any unnecessary dramas or scandals.

Thus, if you are a mature man who wants to enjoy his relationship instead of solving the issues and calming your woman down, an older bride is your best choice.

They are very mature


Maturity is highly valued by everyone. Both men and women are always looking for mature partners and there is nothing bizarre in it. Maturity is something that allows people to make wise decisions and live a reasonable life. Mature people weigh all the pros and cons before deciding something. They never make hasty decisions.

Older Russian brides are very mature and when you communicate with a younger woman, you may invite her to meet in another country. As a rule, younger girls refuse and require you to come to their country. They are not mature enough to travel abroad. Moreover, many girls still depend on their parents and their opinions. If parents say no, they will not go anywhere.

Older brides don’t depend on anyone even though they might have children. They don’t need anyone’s permission to go and meet you abroad. It saves time and money for you. Order ladies are more adventurous and ready for some serious steps. If she decides to meet you, she will do it wherever she wants.

Older women don’t play any games

If you have been dating online for a while and not only online, you know that younger girls tend to play games. They can go on a date with you, have some drink, or communicate with you online. However, it often doesn’t go any further. It’s because they are not too serious about older men. They do it for curiosity and maybe because they are flattered by your attention.

Older brides are not about playing games. When they communicate with you, they do it because they mean to get to know you and see you as their potential partner. Older ladies never communicate with a man if they don’t see any future with him.

Thus, if you want to be sure that a woman is genuinely interested in you, you’d better stop pursuing younger girls and start looking for an older bride, especially if you are not that young yourself. An older lady will love you for who you are and not for your assets or money.

They are extremely sexy

You might have not known this but women reach their sexual peak much later than men. Of course, young bodies and their energy are attractive but they are not experienced in intimate life. Moreover, their sexuality is being disclosed much later after 30 years old. The older your bride is, the more sexual she is.

For this reason, younger men prefer older women. Their sexual energy is amazing and they know how to please a man as well as what they need from men. Intimate life with an older bride is definitely much brighter than that with a younger girl.  Why not use this opportunity then and enjoy your life with a gorgeous and hot woman?

Older brides know what they want

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Unlike women at their younger age, older females know what they want very well. They have experienced a lot of troubles in life, some have overcome difficult divorce or breakup, many women have been disappointed with their relationships. It is obvious these ladies have learned from their mistakes.

Younger girls rarely know what they want. Today, she wants you to come to meet her in her country, tomorrow she changes her mind and asks to buy her tickets to Bali. One day young girls lack your attention; tomorrow they complain that you overwhelm them with messages. These ladies are unpredictable.

It doesn’t happen with older Russian brides because they always know what they want. It is so easy. If she said that she wants to meet somewhere, she will do that and won’t change her plans. Such females are well aware of their wishes and desires. Moreover, they know what men want and how to please them.

Their life experience allows them to predict your wishes and needs and do everything to fulfill them and meet your expectations. Wisdom and experience are the best combination and this combination is very powerful. None of the men can reject it.

They don’t hurry with marriage or children

Older brides have already been married and have children in most cases. Many young girls dream of a beautiful wedding, white dresses, expensive rings, and luxury ceremonies. Very often, men cannot even afford such weddings while their girlfriends do not care about it.

Older women don’t want marriage anymore. Of course, if they meet the right man, they get married happily. This is not their goal though. They don’t dream of a beautiful and expensive ceremony and they would rather save that money for something more important.

If you don’t plan having children because you already have them, an older bride is perfect for you. Most of them already have grown kids or don’t plan any children because of their age. A younger woman will most likely want to have children. This is the role of any woman to become a mother and when you pick a much younger girl under 30, you must realize that. If you pick an older bride, you won’t have this problem.

The cons of older brides dating

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The benefits of dating older brides are obvious. However, there is a range of disadvantages also. Many men complain that they avoid older women exactly because they are more complicated than younger girls. It is not true, of course, you may have more difficulties with young and immature ladies. However, there is a share of truth in their complaints.

Since older women know what they want and won’t waste their time on someone not suitable for them, it is quite difficult to convince them of something and change their opinion. In other words, you won’t manipulate such a woman. Younger girls are much easier to manipulate and when dealing with them, you are a sort of a sculptor who can create whatever he needs.

Here are a couple of shortcomings of older ladies and you should be aware of them. If you can put up with them, then go ahead and build a great relationship with your older bride.

You must comply with their expectations as well

As a rule, older brides are financially secure and they have good jobs and careers. Unlike many young girls, they don’t pursue your money and aren’t going to make you pay for their living. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t need anything. If a woman earns well and can provide for herself and her children, she expects you to be financially secure as well.

A self-confident man who reached something in life is her goal. You don’t have to earn more than her but you must be a well-established man who isn’t still dreaming but is reaching his goals. If a woman can afford to travel at least twice a year, she wants to have a man who can afford at least the same.

If you want to date an older woman but still haven’t even settled down with your career, you will hardly succeed. Remember these ladies clearly know what they want and they won’t lower their expectations for your sake. They are not guided by their emotions anymore but by common sense.

Complying with the expectations of your older Russian bride or a woman from any other country is a must, otherwise, nothing good will work out!

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