There have been changes…..

Hello Lovelies,

Thank each and every one of you  for being here, old and new, those customers that have come over from the old website, thank you for your continued support and those that are new here, welcome.

This brand new website has come about as I felt it was necessary to make these changes to reflect what has been going on in the businesses behind the scenes.


Some of you are aware that in 2016 I had changed all my products to cleaner more natural and organic products, this was to reflect the changes I had made in my personal lifestyle.

I have found that whilst these products are great for day to day wear and have great long term benefits,  some of these products just did not last like they needed to for Brides, with all the kisses and hugs etc they receive throughout the day.

Conclusion – they are not so great for professional use, after all clients come to us professional makeup artist to get flawless result that last the duration of their events.  As a result when I tested these products on shoots where I would be on hand to retouch and fix any problems (never on paying clients),  I found they did not last as long as the “conventional professional makeup”

So I made the decision to prioritise these needs and changed my kid to include high end, professional products that have been proven to produce beautiful result.

I haven’t totally turned my back on my ethics though,  I still only use products that are Cruelty Free and preferably vegan. There are so many fantastic products out there that adhere to making women look flawless for a good length of time,  without the use of animal testing or animal derived products.

If you are interested in the products I use these will be added to the New Bridal Beauty Stories section of the blog, which bring us nicely to another major change.


Bridal Beauty Stories

To give my brides an added bonus to hire Brides Personified for their big day, I have incorporated my Photography skills to take our services to another level and making their wedding day even more special.

Now not only do our clients get gorgeous bridal hair and makeup, they also get a video made up of beautiful clips and images of themselves getting ready on that very special morning, an exquisitely put together  Bridal beauty Story.

This came about last year with one of my Brides who is the CEO of a company and we agreed to do a video blog for both of us to be able to share with our audience.  Not only did I throughly enjoy putting the video together, it was a delight to hear how much my Bride and her partner loved the video. She has shared the video on several platforms and has even been approached by the BBC.

This got me thinking this is such a pleasant complementary service in addition to our Bridal Hair and Makeup Services, yes some brides do have a photographer in place that captures them getting ready, but there is nothing better than the Artist that created your look also capturing the best of the look they created for you .

So we now offer Bridal Beauty Stories as a new service, please see our Services page for more info.

Same Outstanding Professional Services

The one thing you can count on staying the same is the level of service we provide our clients. Nothing makes bee happier than when a brides contacts me after her big day to say how much she appreciated mine and my teams professionalism, we often go above and beyond expectations and bring a harmonious vibe, wherever we may be getting them ready.

So you can continue to expect the high level we have always provided our brides, just now with added bonuses!

Look forward to sharing all our gorgeous Bridal Stories for 2018

Ciao for now,