Naturalista CEO of Afro Source Stacy …. Bridal Makeup Story

Well, where do we begin?! I was contacted by Stacy, because she is a Naturalista, she was looking for a makeup artist that had the same ethics as her in terms of being conscious of ingredients and ethical values. Stacy is the CEO of Afro Source so she is well clued up on what to expect in terms of products.Stacy&Laura-9

“Having recently celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary I can well and truly say I’ve got wedding fever” – Helen Leonard

Stacy&Laura-10At her trial we decided that whilst Natural and Organic products are great for day to day wear, some of the makeup just doesn’t have the lasting power and finish needed to achieve her flawless Bridal look, so we decided to widen our product spectrum, but they still had to be Cruelty Free and Vegan.




For her hair and makeup look Stacy wanted to stay true to herself and not conform to what some might call the ‘norm’ in Bridal hair and makeup. With inspiration from Solange’s wedding look and a splash of Janelle Monae we were set for a truly unique Bridal look that was totally Stacy. We decided on browns and golds for her eyes, with a bit of purple along lower lash line. Stacy is one of those lucky ladies that can pull off red lipstick like they were born with with, so for her lips we naturally went with red lipstick. Stacy’s hair was combed out and shaped into a nice ‘POW’ Afro…. no extensions required 🙌




I think we can all agree that Stacy looked absolutely amazing for her big day, not only   that but we stayed true to her and her personally.

Check out behind the scenes footage of Stacy’s morning.

* full makeup breakdown and makeup process…. coming soon.

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