Brides Personified 100% Satisfied Bride Guarantee

You can rest easy when booking your wedding day with me knowing that you have a 100% Satisfied Bride money back guarantee.

You booking your bridal hair and make up with Brides Personified means you will be looked after by the best in the industry.

Saying that…. we know some brides do worry about booking their wedding day hair and makeup far in advance before having a trail appointment.

Your wedding day may not be for another 12 to 18 months, as wedding professionals will know it can be overwhelming to have a trial too early before your wedding. ( We recommend trials are booked for between 3 months and 6 weeks before the big day).

I understand these concerns so to give you a peace of mind, I have put in place the Brides Personified 100% Satisfied Bride Guarantee, exclusive to Brides Personified.

This is because I am so confident that you will LOVE your experience with Brides Personified

So at any time of your trial if you are not completely satisfied with your hair or makeup, we will arrange for you to have free retrial with Brides Personified.

YOUR FREE RE-TRAIL will be at Brides Personified expense… No charge to you at all.

If after your second trial, you’re still not yet raving to all your friends about how gorgeous you look and feel, we will gladly refund your deposit, no questions asked and no hard feelings!!

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Terms of Guarantee

Brides Personified 100% Satisfied Guarantee is only valid for brides who have booked and paid the deposit to secure their wedding date.

The Guarantee is only valid if you express to your stylist at the time of your trial appointment that you are unhappy with the outcome, unfortunately the 100% Satisfied Brides Guarantee is not valid for brides who simply cannot make the choice on hair or make-up styles.

This is for brides who are genuinely unhappy with the outcome of the appointment and give us an opportunity to amend the style at their appointment.

During your trial we expect our brides to be 100% honest, if for any reason you are unhappy with the direction or outcome of your trial you must advise us immediately.

We are very easy going and here to help you, so talk to us, this way we can make alterations to provide you with the look you are 100% in love with.

Realistic Expectations –

Your trial will begin with a consultation. During your consultation, we will discuss the desired look that you would like for your wedding day, this includes considering your hair length, colour, skintone, condition, bone structure, style, personality as well as any themes and aspects of your wedding including concepts and colours etc.  We will also confirm any allergies you may have, lifestyle goals including using vegan products only for your bridal hair and or makeup service.

Our extensive training and experience allows us to offer honest, flattering and professional suggestions that will emphasise your best features to create a style that will look amazing on you.

Whilst we encourage you to get ideas from magazines, celebrity clippings and pictures as a guideline to your desired bridal look, you need to remember that replicating these looks exactly may not be possible to achieve or suitable to you or your needs.

If you decide not to have a trial you agree that you are picking Brides Personified as you are confident in our ability from researching on our website, social media, images and speaking to us, therefore all bookings without trial are made to your own judgement. Brides Personified 100% Satisfied Bride Guarantee is not valid if you opt out of having a trail.

Please read our Services for more information on the Bride Personified’s Services and Packages

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