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Hello Lovelies,

Thank each and every one of you  for being here, old and new, those customers that have come over from the old website, thank you for your continued support and those that are new here, welcome.

This brand new website has come about as I felt it was necessary to make these changes to reflect what has been going on in the businesses behind the scenes.


Some of you are aware that in 2016 I had changed all my products to cleaner more natural and organic products, this was to reflect the changes I had made in my personal lifestyle.

I have found that whilst these products are great for day to day wear and have great long term benefits,  some of these products just did not last like they needed to for Brides, with all the kisses and hugs etc they receive throughout the day.

Conclusion – they are not so great for professional use, after all clients come to us professional makeup artist to get flawless result that last the duration of their events.  As a result when I tested these products on shoots where I would be on hand to retouch and fix any problems (never on paying clients),  I found they did not last as long as the “conventional professional makeup”

So I made the decision to prioritise these needs and changed my kid to include high end, professional products that have been proven to produce beautiful result.

I haven’t totally turned my back on my ethics though,  I still only use products that are Cruelty Free and preferably vegan. There are so many fantastic products out there that adhere to making women look flawless for a good length of time,  without the use of animal testing or animal derived products.

If you are interested in the products I use these will be added to the New Bridal Beauty Stories section of the blog, which bring us nicely to another major change.


Bridal Beauty Stories

To give my brides an added bonus to hire Brides Personified for their big day, I have incorporated my Photography skills to take our services to another level and making their wedding day even more special.

Now not only do our clients get gorgeous bridal hair and makeup, they also get a video made up of beautiful clips and images of themselves getting ready on that very special morning, an exquisitely put together  Bridal beauty Story.

This came about last year with one of my Brides who is the CEO of a company and we agreed to do a video blog for both of us to be able to share with our audience.  Not only did I throughly enjoy putting the video together, it was a delight to hear how much my Bride and her partner loved the video. She has shared the video on several platforms and has even been approached by the BBC.

This got me thinking this is such a pleasant complementary service in addition to our Bridal Hair and Makeup Services, yes some brides do have a photographer in place that captures them getting ready, but there is nothing better than the Artist that created your look also capturing the best of the look they created for you .

So we now offer Bridal Beauty Stories as a new service, please see our Services page for more info.

Same Outstanding Professional Services

The one thing you can count on staying the same is the level of service we provide our clients. Nothing makes bee happier than when a brides contacts me after her big day to say how much she appreciated mine and my teams professionalism, we often go above and beyond expectations and bring a harmonious vibe, wherever we may be getting them ready.

So you can continue to expect the high level we have always provided our brides, just now with added bonuses!

Look forward to sharing all our gorgeous Bridal Stories for 2018

Ciao for now,




Stacy’s Bridal Makeup Breakdown & Step by Step

Hey Beauty’s

Welcome back to my blog, ok so as promised here is the full low down on the products that I used to create Stacy’s gorgeously unique Bridal look.
I had a trail with Stacy a couple of months before the big day so I went in knowing exactly what I was going to do.

You can watch the whole process here

Skin Prep

To start with I prepped Stacy’s skin with Sonia Roselli’s Sexapeel Instant Exfoliating spray–  this stuff is absolutely amazing, I ordered from the US after reading so many great reviews, and the hype is for a reason, it works!! It Instantly exfoliates dead flaky skin to leave soft, smooth skin, perfect first step to skin prep.
Next I used Sonia Roselli’s Japanese Cleansing Oil, to remove all traces of oil and dirt,

For moisturiser I used Sonia Roselli’s Waterbalm,

What can I say Sonia about stuff is amazing and they work, full product reviews and blog on her amazing range coming soon.
Back to this makeup look


I filled the Brow using Sleek Brow Kit in Extra Dark,

First of all I fill in and shaped the brows using the wax part of the kit, then set with the power part of the kit.

If you want brows that don’t go anywhere, this is the product to use.

Outline and further define the brows with L.A. Girl Cosmetics Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Fawn around the brows and blend out.

I then prepped Stacy’s eyelids for eyeshadow using Urban Decays Eye Primer Potion in Eden



Then I used Couleur Caramels Matte Eyeshadow in Chocolate Brown all over the lids  up to the brow bone, to create a uniform base.

I then used the Pixi by Petra’s multipurpose loose eyeshadow pigments in Metallic Warmth,

First off use the Second shade down on the lower parts of the lid, highlight inner corner of the eyes and under brows with the lightest shade, and darkest brown was used in the crease to create some definition, concentrating on the outer corners.

Skin / Foundation

I used Use L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Hd High Definiton Concealer in Orange to neutralise darker areas. Stacy has great skin so this was minimal, and blended out.
To get the perfect foundation colour, I mixed Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in Shades SB15 and SB16
Then I put a little bit of the L.A. Girl Cosmetics Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Fawn under the eyes to brighten up the area, set under eyes with Laura Mercier’s Transluscent powder in Universal .
I also used the Laura Mercier’s Transluscent powder in Medium Deep all over the face to  unify the colours and set the foundation after I applied the Cream Coutour (see below).

Highlight, Contour & Blush

For contouring I use Barry M’s Chisel Cheeks Contour Cream Kit, applying to the hollows of the cheeks to define cheeks, blend upwards.
I then applied MARÉNA BEAUTÉ’s Blush Tarou in Cambi Berry in circular motions to buff into the cheeks.



For Stacy’s Lips we used Dr Paw Paw’s tinted Ultimate Red Balm to moisturise the lips.
Now I was going to be using Kat Von Dee’s Underage Red – Matte Fire Engine Red Lipstick like we did at Stacy’s trail, but her cousin had bought a MAC liquid lipstick for her to use to be able to top up later if need be.




The make sure the makeup stays in place all day I used Urban Decay’s all nighter setting  spray 

See the finale images from the day on Stacy’s Bridal Beauty Story

Naturalista CEO of Afro Source Stacy …. Bridal Makeup Story

Well, where do we begin?! I was contacted by Stacy, because she is a Naturalista, she was looking for a makeup artist that had the same ethics as her in terms of being conscious of ingredients and ethical values. Stacy is the CEO of Afro Source so she is well clued up on what to expect in terms of products.Stacy&Laura-9

“Having recently celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary I can well and truly say I’ve got wedding fever” – Helen Leonard

Stacy&Laura-10At her trial we decided that whilst Natural and Organic products are great for day to day wear, some of the makeup just doesn’t have the lasting power and finish needed to achieve her flawless Bridal look, so we decided to widen our product spectrum, but they still had to be Cruelty Free and Vegan.




For her hair and makeup look Stacy wanted to stay true to herself and not conform to what some might call the ‘norm’ in Bridal hair and makeup. With inspiration from Solange’s wedding look and a splash of Janelle Monae we were set for a truly unique Bridal look that was totally Stacy. We decided on browns and golds for her eyes, with a bit of purple along lower lash line. Stacy is one of those lucky ladies that can pull off red lipstick like they were born with with, so for her lips we naturally went with red lipstick. Stacy’s hair was combed out and shaped into a nice ‘POW’ Afro…. no extensions required 🙌




I think we can all agree that Stacy looked absolutely amazing for her big day, not only   that but we stayed true to her and her personally.

Check out behind the scenes footage of Stacy’s morning.

* full makeup breakdown and makeup process…. coming soon.

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