Hey Gorgeous,

My name is Helen Leonard, Thank you so much for checking out my blog, I am soooo excited as this has been a long time coming and I already have some fantastic things lined up for you to check out.

As a hair and makeup artist with over 20 year experience in the industry, I am all about empowering each and every woman to look and feel her absolute best. By this I mean to be the best version of you, you shouldn’t be made to feel like you can’t be or don’t look like, yourself anymore.

So if you are after the latest trends, contouring & highlighting, baking, “glowing to the gods” …..you know, things like that to look like a particular celebrity, then sorry you are at the wrong place my friend.

Beauty without Beast is about creating timeless natural looks that enhance your natural beauty, always using vegan, natural and/or organic products.


                                       ENHANCE YOUR BEAUTY, DON’T CHANGE YOU!!

I strongly believe the products you use to in your beauty regime can effect your overall look, and even how you feel in general.

Did you know that conventional makeup has IMG_1213.pngbeen link to body mutations and even cancer,
no? Me neither, till just
over a year ago (but thats another blog); which why for me it’s not only about using cruelty free products, but also using more natural, toxic free products.

I fully understand the unique challenges and opportunities of our modern world,

img_2456For me, healthy, ethical and sustainable living is high priority. Before a product makes it into my kit, I meticulously check it in terms of ingredients, origin, sustainability, effectiveness and craftsmanship.

I have scoured the high and low to bring you exceptional products that are safe, effective, luxurious and ultimately ‘good’ for both you and the planet.

I am not only about avoiding harmful chemicals, pollutants and animal cruelty but also responsible sourcing, fair trade, animal rights, eco-friendly lifestyles and generally making the world a better place are all also important to me.


Be sure to check out the What to Expect blog to find out more about exactly what you can expect from Beauty without Beasts

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or recommendatio
ns, or would like to submit anything to the blog, please email: bwb@helenleonard.co.uk

See you soon

Helen x